Monday, October 11, 2010

How I spent Columbus Day 2010

Let me just say that Columbus sucked. Maybe not quite as badly as we remember him, but dude's published journals are woefully inaccurate and contain some pathetic attempts at keeping posterity from remembering him as a drunkard and a failed politician. My school generally does not get Columbus Day off, and I fully support this policy.

This year, however, a strange twist of calendar-fate has landed me at home on this most ignominious of holidays. How am I spending it? By working my way through an amazing music blog! The Day After The Sabbath makes me nothing but giddy with 70s heavy metal joy. My poor neighbors.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Hypothetical, Unedited Mixtape for My Students

Mp3s may have killed the mixtape, but they do make it so I can just publish a list of songs and let everyone else break copyright laws. My students only actually get to hear some of this stuff. I'd actually make this mix, but I'm a wimp and am worried that my musical tastes are too offensive to share in their entirety.

Here we go, my hypothetical, unedited mixtape for my students that I am too wimpy to actually make (OK, maybe one day . . . ):

1. "Love in Vein" - Skinny Puppy - The best opening track in recorded music. I could never make a mixtape without Skinny Puppy. Just ask my poor wife.
2. "In Bloom" - Nirvana - Grunge! I want everyone to love this song as much as I do.
3. "Time Does Not Heal" - Dark Angel - Thrash metal. Your life does not improve without your action.
4. "Man the Ramparts" - Botch - Hardcore! The world may very well not be on your side, and that is just fine.
5. "Bring Back the Apocalypse" - Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - Art metal. You may very well not be on the world's side, and that is just fine.
6. "Mind's Mirrors" - Meshuggah - Tech-metal. "The struggle to free yourself from restraints / becomes the very shackles"
7. "Wanderlust King" - Gogol Bordello - Joyous, rollicking punk. Everything that everyone does is awesome all the time.
8. "Doin' It" - Herbie Hancock - Did Herbie invent funk? Does it matter? Keep on truckin' kiddies!
9. "Draconian Crackdown" - Rasputina - Cello rock? - Fight the power!
10. "No Quarter" - Led Zeppelin - Rock'n'Roll! The approach I would like my students to take towards life
11. "Swollen Tongue Bums" - Dalek - Angry, noisy hip-hop! You cannot run from your human responsibility.
12. "Watchfire" - Neurosis - Face-melting post-metal. Humanity cannot escape you or your influence.
13. "Death Is Not the End" - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Folk rock! Nothing is ever actually over.