Sunday, May 11, 2008

Everyone and their moms link to this . . .

Okay, so this post is linked to from so many places it's hardly funny. So it's been months since I posted and all that I can muster is a link to someone else's post. But this stuff is golden! Orson Scott Card ranting about J. K. Rowling. He uses the phrases "shot her wad"! Brilliant! Brilliant! Pure poetry! Enjoy.

Ender could totally kick that Potter wimp's ass, anyway!

I'll post some of my own nonsense soon enough.

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hollyberry knits said...

Well I hadn't yet seen a link to this article. We had a nice chat about it over breakfast which became heated. I don't really want Thomas to despise JKR, but understand how things work. I did enjoy OSC's words. I'm still working on getting the kids to read his books, though, and they devoured Potter. What does that say about commercial success?